The Y-Flyer's unique design makes it a fast, fun boat that anyone can sail. The class has an active racing program, but it is also a great boat for a day of pleasure sailing. The Y is usually sailed by two people. In light air it can be single handed. There is room for 3 or 4 if you want to take the whole family out.

The same design features that make the Y a stable and comfortable boat also make it fast and fun to sail. If you like speed, you'll love the Y-Flyer! It will plane in just 10 m.p.h. of wind, but isn't overpowered until winds reach 25-30 m.p.h. Both new and experienced sailors enjoy the Y-Flyer.

Want to race? The whole family can get involved! The Y is usually raced by 2 people (skipper and crew). There's no one ideal weight or body type - top finishing boats range from a mother and 6-year-old daughter weighing a total of about 200 pounds to two adults with a combined weight of over 400 pounds. Women skippers have won many major championships, as have skippers age 15 to over 60.

There are over 20 regattas for Y-Flyers each year throughout the Midwest, Southeast, and Northeast. The Carlyle fleet hosts a regatta in mid August usually attended by more than 30 boats. A National Championship regatta is held each year in mid-June, and an International Championship is help every other year. Locations of the Championship regattas change each year and include small and large inland lakes, major rivers, and ocean-front bays. In 2007 we will again host the Y-Flyer Nationals at CSA.  We are planning to have a record number of boats for this event.

Y-Flyer Fleet 56 at Carlyle Sailing Association has over 12 members. We are actively looking to add members and have a list of Y-Flyers that are for sale. We want our new members to be successful and we will help with any questions or problems that may occur. We can help with your search for a boat, rigging questions, or we can go out with you to give pointers on how to handle different situations.

Come see us at the lake most any Sunday from May through October. We are always happy to show off our Y-Flyers. We can probably put you in a boat very quickly. Also check out the web site for more detailed information on the class and other fleets around the country.


Vital Statistics

Overall Length

18' 2"

Waterline Length:

Flat 14' 6"


Heeled 16' 8"


5' 8"


Centerboard Down 4' 0"


Centerboard Up 0' 6"

Sail Area

Total:    161 square feet


Main:    110 square feet


Jib:       51 square feet

Minimum Weight

500 pounds




Y Flyer Fleet 56

Carlyle Sailing Association

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