Want to crew on a Y?

We will help you find a Y Flyer skipper in need of a crew. There is a benefit to a Y is that it doesn't take a lot of experience to crew on a Y. You will have FUN!

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Try out a Y for yourself

Fleet 56 owns a "demonstrator" Y. We will be happy to let you try it out for yourself. Sailing a y is an experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. You might even enjoy it enough to buy the boat.

Contact Jack Klug by email or 314-839-8650 or Dan Haile by email or 636-528-0356 for more information.

Join us for an event

Check our calendar page or check out one of our regattas.

Additional information is available on the national Y Flyer website at www.yflyer.org


Y Flyer Fleet 56

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