Below is a list of our qualified skippers and their boat numbers:



          13836 Mike Reed              8114 & 15364 Gerry Paoli

          14798 Rick Bernstein       14614 &15560 John Folwell

          14834 Matt Burridge        14766 & 15566 Terry Burke

          14901 Marc Schillebeeckx                   

          15045 Carson Menges




Other individuals who may skipper a Lightning from time to time:                 

Titou Schillebeeckx                   Dan Moriarty

Max Schillebeeckx                     Edd Burke

Ian Schillebeeckx                       Bryan Burke

Tobi Moriarty                              Nick Beckmann

Paul Hanson                              Keith Vidal

Ian Moriarty                               Howard Harris

Mark Paoli                                  Patrick Burridge

Jacob Bernstein                        Kyle Bernstein