Lightning Fleet 266 Scoring

We will use a low point system, that is, points equal to the place of a boat scored for each race.  The boat with the lowest total wins.

DNC will score points equal to number of boats sailing in series plus one.

DNF will score points equal to number of boats in race plus one.

DSQ will score points equal to number of boats in race plus two.

A boat must race in at least 50% of races raced in each series to qualify.

Best 60% of races raced in Championship series will be used to calculate series score.

Best 50% of races raced in all other series will be used to calculate series score.

Ties will be broken in favor of the boat:

which has the most 1st place finishes or the most 2nd place finishes or... etc.

that has beaten the other more times when both are present

the last boat to score better than the other

Boats that are racing in out of town regattas will be scored DNF for missed races

Boats whose skippers have race committee duty will be scored DNF for missed races.


Series Definitions:

Spring - all club races held in May and June (24 races)

Summer - all club races held in July and August  (27 races)

Fall - all club races held in September and October (21 races)

Championship - all club races held through the whole season except races held June 15, August 19 and August 26. (63 races)


Handicap System: (used in 2001 & 2003 - results are in History section not used in 2004 or 2005)

     Fleet 266 is experimenting with an handicap system to level the playing field in much the same way the handicaps are used in golf and bowling. The system proposed here favors the better sailors and especially the improving sailors. Please note that this is a work in progress and will be better defined as more data is collected.
     Shortly, we will be posting the various series results based on a calculated handicap. These results are strictly for fun. At the end of the season, we will evaluate the results and see what the fleet members think and go from there. 

The following is an example of the handicaps for skippers (see Race Scores for Current Values):

 Cumulative Handicap for each boat as of race 32 10/24/99

 Boat   Skipper              no. races  handicap
14118  Dan Moriarity            15      00:00:44
14654  Gerry Paoli                23      00:00:49
14766  Terry Burke               19      00:01:21
14229  Matt Burridge            11      00:01:33
14089  Arthur Merdinian       12      00:01:42
14798  Rick Bernstein             3      00:01:52
14828  John Huhn                   9      00:02:24
14260  John Folwell              19      00:02:46
13892  Linus Portman             3      00:02:59
13870  Marc Schillebeeckx     8      00:03:02
14204  Glenn Grummon          1      00:03:27
14636  Tobi Heisler                7      00:03:28
11044  Mark Paoli                12      00:06:07
     The handicaps are given in minutes : seconds per hour. The difference in time between each skipper is the amount of time the skipper will either give or take each race corrected to an hour.  For example, next Sunday when Terry and Matt race against one another  (Assuming Terry has a 1:21 Handicap and Matt has a 1.33), Terry will have to give Matt 12 seconds per hour. If race #1 is 45 minutes(0.75 hour) for the winner, Terry will have to beat Matt by more than 9 sec. Matt's handicap on is 1:33/hour and Terry's was 1:21 or a difference of 12 seconds. Thus Terry has to beat Matt by more than 0.75*12=9 seconds.  If the race  is 1:13:40 (1.2378 hours) long, Terry will have to beat Matt by more than 1.2378*12=14.73 seconds. Following each race, the handicap for each boat is recalculated and new handicap numbers are used for the next  race.
    The handicap formula is as based on 90% of the accumulative finish times of each racer relative to the winner of each race corrected to a one hour race. At least two races are needed to establish an handicap and these first two races are retroactively scored based on the established handicap. Thereafter, the handicaps will be set based on the accumulation of data existing at the time of the race.