2017 Mid-Continent Lightning Regatta



Lightning Fleet #266 of Carlyle Sailing Association organizes this regatta

2.   RULES

The regatta will be governed by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Rules.


The official Race Committee Bulletin Board located at the pavilion. Posting of such notices shall be deemed notification to all contestants. Posting will be accompanied by display of the Code Flag “L” and one sound signal.


      a.   Signals made ashore will be displayed at the dock on Race Committee boat.

b.   Display of code flag “L” with one signal means, “a change to the sailing instructions has been posted”.

      c.   Display of code flag "B" with one horn means, "the one hour time limit for filing protests has begun."  When lowered it means, "The time for filing protests has ended."


      Six races are scheduled as follows:

                                                                 Day__                                      Time                                 Events

                                                     Saturday                                         0800-0900  Registration

                                                                                                          0900         Skipper’s Meeting

                                                                                                                1000         Start Race 1

                                                           Sunday                                           0900         Start next race.

                                                                                                                Start last race no later than 10:00


      a.   Course WL - (Windward/Leeward). Twice around a windward/leeward course with a downwind finish.  There will be an offset weather mark and a leeward gate.

      b.   “+” Extra Windward Leg - If there is a “+” added before the course heading, the course will include an extra windward leg with an upwind finish.

      c.   Courses will always be sailed counter-clockwise, leaving marks to port.

      d.   The approximate compass course from the starting line to the weather mark will be displayed from the Race Committee boat.

      e. The start or finish line maybe to windward or leeward of the marks bounding the weather leg.


      a.   Races will be started in accordance with ISAF Rule 26.

      b.   The starting line will be between the mast of the Race Committee boat at the starboard end and a spar mark at the port end.

      c.   A yacht shall not start later than 10 minutes after her starting signal.


In addition to the Individual Recall Rule 29.1: the Race Committee will try to notify premature starters by hailing their sail numbers by broadcasting on VHF Channel 72. Failure of a yacht to hear her hail will not relieve the yacht of her obligation to start properly.

9.   MARKS

Marks of the course will be displayed at the RC dock prior to racing.


The Race Committee may shorten the course. A boat stationed at the mark beginning the new finish leg shall make the shortening signal. This boat will be flying Flag “S” and making intermittent sound signals.


The finishing line will be between the mast with the blue finishing flag on the Race Committee boat and a spar mark. A Mark Set boat may substitute for the race committee boat.


Use of hand held VHF radios will be permitted for communication from the Race Committee to competitors on channel 72. The Race Committee intends to use VHF radio to identify OCS (On Course Side of the line) boats after starts and otherwise communicate with the fleet on the water. Failure to receive a hail, for a hail to be made, the order of hails made, or receive other communications to the fleet shall not be cause for redress. Other use of any communication device is prohibited. Competitors shall not transmit on this frequency except in case of emergency.  Regardless of radio communications, all visual fleet signals will be made as prescribed in the RRS.


Leading yacht must complete the first weather leg in 30 minutes and the race in 90 minutes. Yachts not finishing within 20 minutes of the winner shall be scored one position worse that the last yacht finishing within this 20 min. limit.

a.   All regularly scheduled, abandoned or postponed races not started by 10:00 on Sunday shall be canceled, the regatta terminated, and scored on the basis of the race or races sailed.

      b.   A race will be deemed to have started by the deadline if the original start is within 10:00 deadline, regardless of subsequent recalls or postponements.


Orange Flag - when displayed prior to the race indicates a harbor warning signal. The orange flag shall be raised as the Committee Boat leaves the harbor. One minute before the start of the sequence, the flag will be dipped and accompanied with one horn. When displayed at the finish line indicates that another race will be sailed back to back.


a.   ISAF Rule 44.2 is amended as follows: when an infringing yacht has its spinnaker drawing at the time of the infringement, the infringing boat may optionally do a one-turn penalty by promptly taking 1 turn in each direction including one tack and one jibe if the infringing yacht drops its spinnaker completely while taking her penalty and resets it and has it drawing after the penalty.

b.   A yacht that retires from a race shall notify a Race Committee boat before leaving the race area. If this is impossible, she shall report her retirement to the registration desk at the Observation Building immediately upon arriving ashore.


      a.   Protests shall be written on forms available at the Race Committee dock and lodged at the Race Committee boat within the one hour (1 hr.) Protest Time that will begin when the Race Committee boat docks.

      b.   The jury will hear protests in approximately the order of receipt as soon as possible. Watch the Bulletin Board for the time and place of hearings.


      a.   Scoring will be in accordance with ISAF Appendix A Low Point System except as modified in this section.

      b.   There will be one throw-out race unless less than six races are completed whereas all five races will be counted. Throw-out races will be considered for the purpose of breaking ties.


.     a.   Each yacht must carry an anchor with 50' of line, a compass, a minimum one gallon bucket, a paddle, a Coast Guard approved wearable life preserver for each person on board, a throwable preserver (cushion), centerboard preventer and a whistle.

      b.   It is the responsibility of the skippers and crews to wear life jackets when conditions warrant.            


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