2018  Mid-Continent  Regatta Registration Form

ILCA Fleet 266 - Carlyle Sailing Association


Hull No._______________________ Sail No (if Different)______________________


Skipper______________________ Fleet Name________________ Fleet#_________


Street Address________________________________________________________


City_______________________ State_____________________ Zip_____________


Telephone_________________________ E-mail_____________________________


Crew_____________________________ Crew______________________________



Registration Fee                $35              




Make all Checks Payable to:   Lightning Fleet 266



Please Note:


Pets are now allowed on the grounds of Carlyle Sailing Association but require full time supervision.


Camping is now allowed at CSA.


Lightning Fleet 266 and Carlyle Sailing Association will attempt to provide a safe and fun racing 

atmosphere. However, ultimately it is up to each competitor to determine whether or not to 

participate in the scheduled racing events based on their own abilities.



Skipper Signature_________________________Date_______________________


Print out this form, fill it out and send it to:            Gerry Paoli       Arthur Merdinian