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Whale results

Results posted below

Check out Rick’s drone video from the Whale HERE

Special thanks from Linda Vitt

As posted on Facebook

Thank you so much to Rick Bernstein and all the volunteers that worked to make the Whale of a Sail a great weekend of fun sailing for all.

Greg Vitt, Victoria Vitt and I loved seeing so many sailors out and enjoying Carlyle Sailing Association on a beautiful day and we truly love our CSA family and friends.

Thank you all for the great hugs. And special thank you to Dave Huhn for helping us get ready for the best 2-3 hours of sailing this summer. Greg loved being at the helm and sailing was the best therapy in the world for him and me.

Rick Bernstein photo

Whale results

Thanks to John Folwell for scoring the regatta. To download results CLICK HERE

Lots more photos on the CSA Facebook page