The Carlyle Sailing Association has what you're looking for if it's sailing near St. Louis, sailing in Illinois, sailing near Belleville, sailing near Edwardsville, sailing near Collinsville, sailing near Scott Airforce base ( AFB). Or perhaps you are seeking sailing lessons near St. Louis, sailing lessons in St. Louis, sailing lessons in Illinois, Or maybe you want to learn to sail near St. Louis or learn to sail in St. Louis or learn to sail in Illinois. Check out the great sailing at CSA. Our popular fleets include Lightning, E-scow, Flying Scot, Melges, Comet, Catalina, San Juan and more. There are great opportunities for sailboat racing and daysailing, plus great on-shore facilities. There are also several learn to sail programs for adults and kids. All of this great sailing happens in Hazlet State Park at Carlyle Lake, also known as Lake Carlyle   Find out more

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We’ve put together an extensive listing of useful information, designed to help you get the most out of your CSA membership. There’s info on things such as how to navigate club communications, a starter link for getting publicity for your event, places to go and things to do when there’s no wind, a link to key racing documents and lots more.  It’s all on the Toolkit page.

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Learn more about the recent work of your Carlyle Lake Association on the CLA page.

Be sure to check out the full report and the 2017 Water Control Debrief

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For CSA members only. Take this special three-hour introductory sailing lesson utilizing our existing members who will be able to work off as much as their entire membership fee for the following year by giving sailing lessons. Details here

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