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Welcome to the CSA
Junior Sailing Camp

We are very excited and looking forward to another successful camp. Our theme this year will be “Oh the Places You'll Go”. We will play many on the water games like Siamese Twins, Rubber Ducky Tag, Buzkashi, and sailing tricks challenge. The Long Distance Voyage has been a success and we’ll do it again this year. We’ll also have many off the water games like Steal the Bacon, Capture the Flag, and some new ones, as well as a sail boat building challenge. Don’t forget about all of the awesome food that camp has to offer including the pizza/pool party and our fantastic picnic lunch catered all the way across the lake.

Once again we will camp on cots in the CSA clubhouse with adult supervision. Whether it’s your child’s first or fifth time to attend camp, it’s a great way to meet other children their age and enjoy the sport of sailing. All activities are fully insured, and supervised by Certified US Sailing Instructors who are qualified in CPR and first aid.

We will end the week with the annual Firecracker Regatta and awards dinner. This CSA tradition is a fun way for your child to finish camp and show a thing or two about what they learned throughout the week.

The basics

When: June 3 - 8, 2018
(all campers will go home Friday evening after the Firecracker Awards Ceremony)  

Where: Carlyle Sailing Association

Who: Children 10-16 years old. 

How much: $250 (You provide your own Laser Radial, Bic, or Optimist). $400 (CSA Provides a Bic or Optimist).

Membership is required:

Children and Grandchildren of Member of CSA, BYC, CYC or Tradewinds. Children of an Associate Member ($150). Children of a Friend Member of CSA ($50). Junior Member of CSA ($50). If you need to join CSA, it is handled separately on the club website, or just click the button below.

Learn more HERE

Lots planned for Juniors in 2018

In addition to Junior Sail Camp, CSA is planning lots of fun programs for juniors. More information will be coming.
Have a look…

STEM Activities: Because sailing is really about science and math. We combine classroom and on-the-water experiences. Learn about wind, buoyancy, water, and water quality, how to sail and much more! US Sailing's Reach platform creates an opportunity for first time sailors an on-ramp to the sport for youth of all backgrounds.

  1. >> Learn more about the STEM program and sign up HERE

Kinder Sail Camp: This camp is designed to give children, ages 5 to 7 years old, the chance to experience the thrill of sailing. It will be a great primer for enrolling in Pram Adventures in the coming years. We currently have one session scheduled for Saturday, July 14.

  1. >> Learn more about the Kinder Sail Camp and sign up HERE

Pram Adventures: This is a program for first timers, beginning sailors, and those who want learn at their own pace. Low stress instruction will emphasize time in the boat, fun sailing, and games. Older students are encouraged to be volunteers in what will be a pre-curser to getting their US Sailing Instructor’s certification.
  1. >> Learn more about PRAM ADVENTURES and sign up HERE

Harbor Mice: This program is for young sailors of all abilities ages 8-15. There will be 6 Summer Sunday sessions 10:30 am to 4 pm rain or shine, but will release early on days the CSA Club races are abandoned. Students learn to sail and practice on two types of sailboats, Open Bics and Optimist Prams. Both boats are ideal for kids learning to sail and to race.

  1. >> Learn more HARBOR MICE and sign up HERE

Salty Dawgs: Harbor Mice is scheduled for Sundays, and Salty Dawgs is on Saturdays with matching weekends. They are priced to encourage families to come out on Saturdays to cook out, socialize, camp overnight, and sail on Sunday. Salty Dawgs will be more about having fun than performing practice drills. There will be a Best Salty Dawg costume competition, and the winners will be presented with awards during the annual banquet.

  1. >> Learn more SALTY DAWGS and sign up HERE

Team Racing: The focus will be on advanced racing tactics for juniors. The pace will be quickened and the instruction will be more grueling. At a higher level of expertise in boat handling and knowledge of rules, the excitement and fun will be at its best. The goal is to graduate students who are well schooled and prepared to compete in collegiate sailing.

  1. >> Learn more about JUNIOR TEAM RACING and sign up HERE

Regattas: There are a number of regattas scheduled for this year with plenty of opportunities for young sailors to participate. A spring Snipe regatta will offer 4 skippers and 4 crews to sail in a junior division. The Strawberry Shortcake Regatta is back, but I can’t tell you much about it because boys are excluded from some of the activities. Whale of a Sail may be an option if we are invited back again. Finally, there will be the Fall Laser Regatta at the end of the year.

  1. Lots of fun planned for juniors in 2018. Check out the lineup