Whale photos

by Tom Wyman, Kay Ward HERE.

Egyptian Cup pix

by Jeanette Beier in THIS ALBUM

Sunday Race Photos

albums by Jeanette Beier

August 2 photos

August 16 photos

2015 photos...

Photos by Glenn Grummon.

Album link HERE  

Album by Dan Gill HERE

Photos by
Jerry Mirgain HERE

The December flood

Check out aerials by
Jim Hilgard and ground shots by Bob Winston and Karen Pauls (with Shirley Allen.)

Flood album #1Flood album #2

Water and Ice

Harbormaster Bob Winston has shared some interesting pictures from the current flood.

Check out this album.

Be sure to see the spectacular ice photos at the end of the album

Open House photos

by Marc Shillebeeckx  HERE

2016 photos...

Mississippi Valley District Championship

Photos by Glenn Grummon and John Casada

posted in this album.

Photos by
Jeanette Beier

Sailing for Veterans

August 7 pursuit race photos

Album by
Jeanette Beier HERE

Glenn Grummon photo

October 8 & 9 was a spectacular time to be at CSA. Album by Glenn Grummon.    Album by Bill Kesler

Oct. 2 races

2016 Whale of a Sail


Oct. 8 & 9 races

Jeanette’s albums:

October 23 races

October 30 races

Signs of the season

Bob Winston’s scenes of 2016

CSA in winter

An album by Bob Winston, HERE

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