Who We Are

The Carlyle Lake Association (CLA) is An organization of citizens (stakeholders) working for the betterment of Carlyle Lake.

The lake has become a treasured resource to thousands of people from throughout southern Illinois and the St. Louis metropolitan area. The CLA members have a remarkable variety of interests:

  1. Sailing and boating at the lake

  2. Enjoying exceptional campgrounds

  3. Taking opportunities to hike, hunt, fish and observe wildlife

  4. Growing crops near the lake

  5. Living in the area

  6. Running a business that depends on the lake

Often, the interests of some lake users may appear to be in conflict with those of others. CLA, founded in 1995, has grown to be the one voice that speaks for all the interests in Carlyle Lake and works to reconcile differences to everyone's benefit. Moreover as a member organization of the Kaskaskia Watershed Association, CLA works to make Carlyle Lake an even better place; a place our children and grandchildren will continue to enjoy.

If Carlyle Lake is a part of your life, please join CLA now. Complete the membership application below.

CLA membership application.

Who Represents My Interests?

The CLA president is Ted Beier from CSA.  He has followed Jim Harris who was the founding president.  Greg Kintz is secretary, and Don Berdeaux is treasurer. 

Your representatives on the
CLA Board of Directors:


  1. Chuck White, 217.536.5336

  2. Bob Seiffert


  1. Ted Beier, 314.353.3168

  2. Cal Guthrie, 618.910.2164


  1. Don Berdeaux, 618.594.3050

  2. Mike Burton, 618.594.2468

Fish and Wildlife

  1. Bill Fritz, 618.594.2589

  2. Open


  1. Gerald Donaldson, 618.594.3379

  2. Brent McKinnon, 618.363.2358 

Marina Management

  1. Greg Kintz, 636.537.7843

  2. Open

At Large

  1. Norma Hall, 618.980.0921

The Board meets the second Wednesday of March, June, September, and December, 7 PM,  Carlyle Army Corps office.  If you wish to attend and/or bring something to us, please contact the secretary, or a Board member for assistance.  You are welcome to attend.


CLA annual report

Download the full report (Includes Carlyle Lake Masterplan and Kaskaskia Basin Study)

What We Do

CLA acts as the one voice for the many diverse interests in the Carlyle Lake area. It is recognized as the one organization that speaks for the users of the lake by government and business entities connected with the lake. Some of these entities are:

  1. The US Army Corps of Engineers, which manages the lake level.

  2. The Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which manages two state parks adjoining the lake

  3. The Carlyle Lake Chamber of Commerce

  4. The Soil and Water Conservation Districts in the watershed of Carlyle Lake

  5. The Kaskaskia Watershed Association, made up of stakeholder groups similar to CLA throughout the Kaskaskia River watershed

Also, as a member organization of the Kaskaskia Watershed Association (KWA), CLA represents Carlyle Lake interests in issues that affect the entire Kaskaskia River system, of which our lake is an integral part.  Through KWA, the president of CLA is a member of the stakeholder advisory committee for a comprehensive Kaskaskia Watershed Study being performed by USACE as mandated by the US Congress.

2010-2014 accomplishments include:

  1. 1.We worked with the Corps of Engineers (USACE), to secure $22M in federal funding for major upgrades at the Carlyle Lake Project.  Much of this was spent at CSA, Tradewinds, Boulder, and West Access Marinas for dredging and high water protection.

  2. 2.We successfully petitioned the USACE to perform a depth survey at the north end of the lake, which will be used in a study of feasible future use of this portion of the lake.

  3. 3.We have secured two small barges, and transported them to Carlyle, for use as work platforms for dredging and bank stabilization efforts
  4. 4.We successfully lobbied the Illinois Department of Transportation to prevent their closing the I-70 interchange at Pierron, and moving it to Highland.  This exit is a vital access to Carlyle Lake visitors from the north and west portions of the Metro St. Louis area.

  5. 5.With the help of Heartlands Conservancy (HC), CLA has secured a grant of $10,000 from, Ducks Unlimited and $2000 each from Carlyle Lake Waterfowlers, Migratory Waterfowl Hunters (Alton), and Mississippi Valley Duck Hunters (Belleville) to rock reinforce levees in the Carlyle Lake Wildlife Management Area that were damaged by flooding.  CLA contributed $5000 to the project plus a $500 contribution to HC for their efforts.  The work continues at present by Schaefer Contracting of Carlyle]

  6. 6.CKA formed a partnership with USACE Carlyle Project Office to build a boat access structures for handicapped boaters at the West Access ramp.  Project partners in addition to $1700 from CLA include in-kind donations from the City of Carlyle.

  7. 7.Annual contribution of $750 to the Carlyle fireworks.

  8. 8.Member of, and active participation in, the Carlyle Economic Development Committee.

2015 initiatives include:

  1. 1.Supporting Carlyle Sailing Association in their efforts to obtain funds from IDNR to repair flood damage at their installation in Hazlet State Park.

  2. 2.Taking a proactive role in the current USACE update of the Carlyle Project Masterplan to insure that our needs are included; flood remediation at CSA in particular

  3. 3.Serving on the stakeholder committee advising USACE in the Kaskaskia Basin Study mandated by Congress as a result of lobbying by KWA/CLA.  CLA is championing several recommended project recommendations vital to lake users. 

  4. 4.Supporting efforts to remove Cox Bridge at the north end of the lake.  The bridge is closed, and is a safety hazard to boaters and hunters using the area.

For lots more detail, download the full report.


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